English Project Day 2015

On Friday, 5th June 2015, we had our ENGLISH PROJECT DAY with all kids from class 6! A very nice and exciting day with lots of action…


We started with a nice English breakfast together first and had bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, orange marmelade, peanut butter, cornflakes with milk, orange juice and tea.

After that we made sandwiches and sold them in the first and second school break:

Sandwich Sale2Sandwich Sale6

In the 3rd and 4th lesson we worked on the project “That’s me!”. All kids designed posters and prepared a presentation about personal facts, family & friends, favourites, hobbies, pets and their future:


In the 5th lesson we had more fun and learned the English Hammerslide-Dance:


Everybody had to wear a self-made school uniform on this day. In the end we voted Amala Otter as Miss School Uniform 2015 and Jasper Spötter as Mr. School Uniform 2015:

Miss and Mister School Uniform3

THANKS to all kids for a wonderful day!!!

Ms Mahoney & Ms Schuster

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  1. What a great project!
    I’m sure the kids learned a lot about England and they have made some great expiriences!
    Mr. Korn

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